LRB1000 / LRB2000 Shaft Speed Switch

LRB1000 / LRB2000

Shaft Speed Switch

The LRB1000 (single relay, 1 setpoint) and LRB2000 (double relay, 2 setpoints) shaft speed switches are an efficient way to continuously monitor machine rpm and provide relay protection upon detection of an unwanted change in speed or stoppage of the monitored shaft. The LRB1000 and LRB2000 are completely field adjustable while the machinery is at rest; there is no need to run the shaft. They feature visual setpoint adjustment for dial-in ease and the precise digital circuitry provides high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability


Failsafe Operation

Setpoints: 1-100 and 10-1000 RPM

Built-in start delay

DIN Rail or Stand Alone Mounting

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